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Our boxes and bags, except clear boxes, are made exclusively of paper and cardboard.

Flower boxes:

  • The boxes are made of hard-pressed cardboard, with no visible connection with an independent lid.
  • Compact fitting of the cover on the body of the box.
  • White inside.
  • Excellent quality and perfect finishing.
  • They can also be used after decoration.
  • We have metal rings and satin ribbons.
  • A large selection of colors and patterns that you can combine.
  • The possibility of printing.
  • The minimum quantity for delivery is 10 pieces.

Patterns and colors:

  • There is no color and pattern restriction that you want on your box.
  • Get to know basic, as well as exclusive materials on our site
  • It is possible to combine more materials on one box.
  • Also, for larger orders, it is possible to print motifs as you wish.

Qantity discoount:

  • 100-300 boxes – 5%
  • 300-500 boxes – 10%
  • 500-1000 boxes – 15%
  • preko 1000 boxes – 20%

Cone for flowers:

  • Cones are the latest hit on the market.
  • Extremely grateful for the arrangement.
  • Arrangements look very rich and exclusive.
  • They come in three dimensions.
  • It is printed on a tile that is later attached to the ribbon using metal rings.


Rectangular and cube box:
  • Ideal for arranging laid roses, as well as decorating drinks, gifts …
  • Possibility of making boxes according to your dimensions and patterns.

Staples, satin ribbons and print

  • An extra charge for placing a ring with satin ribbons is € 0.30.
  • A large selection of other ornamental and decorative ribbons.
  • Printing is done in the foil-printing technique, which reflects your logo or message in an exclusive edition.
  • We have a large selection of color foils.
  • The print can be made on the lid, body and periphery of the box.
  • The price of the cliché is 30 € one-off.
  • Clichés can not be reduced or enlarged

Price discount:

350 to 900€ – 5%
900 to 1700€ – 10%
1700 o 3500€ – 15%
over 3500€ – 20%

Export / Import:

We can send boxes to almost all countries of the world. The procedure is neither expensive nor complicated. It’s very simple and fast. So far we have successfully sent to Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, France, Cyprus, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany …
Also, depending on the quantity of the box, we can personally bring it to your address.


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